Can Sitting On A beanbag Help With Neck Pain?

As increasing numbers of people spend their days in front of a computer, neck pain and tension have become an ever greater ailment in society. Many people struggle to find a solution to tackling this very common complaint. From regular massages, physio, and yoga to various ergonomic office furniture solutions which claim to offer superior support for the body, there are lots of options out there. 

But have you ever considered trying a beanbag? 

While sitting on a beanbag may not seem like the most conventional idea when it comes to tackling neck pain, we're here to tell you that it might, in fact, be just the solution you’re after. PArticularly amongst PC and console gamers, beanbags are an increasingly popular and logical seating option. Here are some of the reasons why sitting on a beanbag chair helps with neck pain: 

Beanbags Can Improve Your Posture 

People are often mistaken in believing that sitting in a straight, rigid chair is the way to encourage good posture. However, you may be shocked to learn that sitting in a well-engineered beanbag chair is more conducive to good posture. Once upon a time, beanbags were made without much thought and they simply enveloped a person when they sad on them. 

Nowadays, thanks to ergonomic design, beanbag chairs for adults have been created to mold the body in ways that prevent neck pain by alleviating tension. The construction of some beanbags such as the Luxi Console Gaming Chair has been implemented in ways that are intended to provide full support for the back, hips, neck, shoulders, and head. Furthermore, specially designed add-ons like this Support Pillow will take things to the next level. All of this contributes to better posture with the additional benefit of reducing muscle pain.  

Beanbags Encourage Better Body Alignment

Whether it is a result of spending days crunching numbers in front of a laptop or gaming through the night, much of our daily activities cause our body alignment to become skewed. Believe it or not, most mainstream chairs you’ll see sold at retail stores or online don’t actually support the spine the way they should. 

Next time you take a seat be mindful of your position and you might notice that your alignment isn’t quite right. In an ideal world, the bottom of the spine should be firmly pressed against the chair when you are sitting down. If it isn’t then your lower spine isn’t quite getting the support it needs. On the other hand, beanbags fully support the spinal column which isn’t just great for your back but also the neck which also takes the brunt when you’re not properly aligned. 

Beanbags Mould To The Shape of The Body

Unlike most other forms of office furniture, beanbag chairs tend to be malleable which enables them to adapt to the shape of your body. Essentially, this gives you a very tailored seating experience. It means you no longer need to lean forward or staring your neck to see the computer. Some might think that sitting on the couch does the same thing. 

Sure, a couch is comfy but unlike a beanbag which imitates the shape of your body when you sit on the couch the situation is reversed as you tend to mould yourself to the shape of the couch instead! You may find that at times you struggle to get comfortable on the couch and this is why. On a beanbag, pressure points are reduced which reduces tension and pain which causes stress for the body as a whole. 

All in all, investing in a good ergonomically designed bean back has the potential to do the world of good for those suffering from neck pain. Although, sitting on a beanbag may not solve neck pain entirely it can alleviate symptoms and prevent the problem from escalating. Good luck and happy shopping!