How Do You Dispose Of Polystyrene Balls From Your Beanbag?

Expanded polystyrene balls, also known as EPS beads, are the most common beanbag fillers. While they are safe, like with the beanbag itself, disposing of them can be a bit challenging.


Improper disposal of EPS beads can be an environmental problem. That is why beanbag owners need to know how to dispose of them properly.


Are polystyrene balls from beanbag safe?


Polystyrene balls are made of 98% air and 2% plastic. This means they’re generally safe.



Source: Air Sea Containers


However, just like any other substances, exposure to chemicals and other toxic waste material can make them dangerous. So, it’s important to keep them sealed and intact if you throw them.


Contrary to most manufacturers’ claims, burning large quantities of polystyrene balls like those on beanbags can emit carbon monoxide, mono-styrene, and hydrogen bromide. These emissions are not just harmful to the environment but can also cause damage to people’s health.


In short, just like any other household items, polystyrene balls are only dangerous if you don’t handle them properly. Otherwise, they’re generally safe for you and the environment.


How do you dispose of polystyrene balls from a beanbag?


Instead of throwing them in your regular waste dump or burning polystyrene balls from a beanbag, you can try these tips instead:


Turn them into new fillers.


If you’re just getting rid of an old beanbag but would still be using a new one, you can keep the polystyrene balls as your fillers. This will increase the fluffiness of your new beanbag chair.


Just remember to follow the suggested dimensions of your new beanbag chair in adding the fillers to maintain its excellent quality.


Use them in your packages.


Polystyrene balls can serve as great package fillers.


Filling your package with EPS beads can reduce the risk of your item getting pressed or broken. The polystyrene balls will serve as a cushion inside the box. In addition, doing this will allow you to save up to $80 for each package since you don’t have to buy bubble wraps or other package cushions.




Use them in your coolers.


Polystyrene balls are excellent insulators. They can keep your drinks cool for a long period!


Just place a generous amount of EPS beads in a container with ice, and it could already serve as an excellent on-the-go beverage chiller!


Turn them into garden fillers.


Improve your indoor garden with your beanbag fillers!


Place a good amount of polystyrene balls at the bottom of your indoor pot. This will decrease the water spillage on your container. Thus, helping your plant’s soil to absorb all the water and nutrients it needs!


And because it saves water, too, it can help you save up to $30 every month on your water bill!


Dispose of them in bulk


Should you need to dispose of your polystyrene balls, you should do this in bulk.


Place them in a clear plastic bag to be easily spotted by people who would want to recycle them. Seal it properly to make sure that t+hey will not be in contact with other chemicals.


Disposing polystyrene beads in bulk will reduce the risk of them getting into our drainage, sewer, rivers, oceans, and other water resources where they can cause harm.





Disposing of polystyrene balls isn’t that hard. As long as you have the patience you can help keep the environment safe when disposing of your beanbag balls.