How Often Do You Need To Refill A Beanbag?

The extreme comfortability of beanbags lies in their fluffiness. This fluffiness is maintained by the perfect ratio between air and fillers inside your beanbags.

For that reason, it’s really important to be mindful of the fillers of your beanbags if you want to enjoy their benefits for a long period of time.

To help you with that, we’ve come up with a short guide about how often you need to refill your beanbag and why you need to do it.

 How do you prevent your beanbags from going flat?

There are lots of reasons why beanbags go flat.

 The first and perhaps the most obvious among these is that it is punctured. When your beanbag is exposed to sharp objects such as a nail or wood splinter, it can ruin the fabric, which may cause the fillers to spill.



Source: 30 seconds


This is why it’s always best to buy a beanbag chair cover or keep your beanbag on a flat and smooth surface.


The next cause of beanbags going flat is improper washing. Each kind of beanbag has a recommended way of washing. You should follow this method faithfully, or else your beanbag’s filler will get all over your laundry room!


The third cause of beanbags going flat is improper use. This is mostly characterized by going beyond the suggested weight limit of your beanbag.


Most beanbags are made of 2% filler to maintain their fluffiness. Going beyond the suggested weight requirement can automatically deflate your beanbag. Thus, reducing its fluffiness.


If you have a large body frame or you know that you’ll be sharing your beanbag with someone, it’s best to buy a large one.




Lastly is age. Just like other furniture, age shows on beanbags. Age can naturally deflate your beanbag especially if it’s used regularly.


In short, despite taking care of your beanbags, regular use for a long period of time can make them go flat. This is why it’s important to know how or when to refill them.


How often do you need to refill a beanbag?


There is no specific time at which you should refill your beanbags. As long as they are still fluffy and are still in their original form, you can wait to refill them.


However, if you can no longer sit in your beanbag comfortably, for example the fillers already fall into one side when you’re sitting, it’s time to refill.


How do I refill a beanbag?


The first thing that you have to do in refilling your beanbags is to determine the original fillers. Some are made in EPS beads, EPP, compressed foam, and others.


As much as possible, stick with the original filler to maintain the quality of your beanbag. Mixing two kinds of fillers can affect its fluffiness.



The next thing is to measure the size of your beanbag. All you have to do is to get the length, width, and height of your beanbag in centimeters and multiply them all together. This will give you the size of your beanbag in a cubic centimeter.


One kilogram of beanbag filler can accommodate 50,000 cubic centimeters. Say that the size of your beanbag is 190,000 cubic centimeters; you would need less than 4 kilograms of beanbag filler.


If your beanbag comes with a zipper for refilling, you can just simply open it to refill your beanbag. But if you have one without a zipper, 2-3 inches of opening would be good. Just secure it with a hand stitch after.


Refilling beanbags is easy, right? If you know how to refill your beanbags properly, you can use it for a much longer amount of time.