How Do You Get Rid Of Static In A Beanbag?

If you own a beanbag, chances are you’ve already experienced your hair sticking into your beanbag. It’s not because your beanbag is dirty, nor is it defective—it’s the natural static from the beanbag fillers.


Even though this static is safe, it could be irritating at times. Fortunately, there are lots of ways on how you can get rid of it.


Why does a beanbag have static?


Beanbag fillers, especially EPS beads, are excellent insulators. This means their static is not because they’re electrically charged but because they repel heat and electricity. In short, it is entirely safe.



Source: Pure Wow


This characteristic of EPS beads is one of the main reasons why they’re safe to use as beanbag fillers. This means that your beanbag won’t easily catch fire, and it naturally regulates heat. However, its side effect is that it creates static.


This static is generally unnoticeable for users. It doesn’t affect the comfort your beanbags bring.


However, if you have pets, the dander and fur of your pets will be naturally attracted to your beanbag. Dust and other dirt in your house will be too. In short, it increases the need for regular washing.


How do you get rid of static in a beanbag? (H2)


There are lots of ways on how you can get rid of static in your beanbags. Some of which only take a minute to do!


Beanbag cover


Getting a beanbag chair cover is the best way to get rid of static in a beanbag. Not only does it reduces the risk of the static attracting dust and dander, but it also makes the beanbag cleaning process easy.



Anti-static spray


There are lots of anti-static sprays that you can buy online. These anti-static sprays provide a thin layer of coat to your beanbag to reduce its static charge. Aside from your beanbags, you can use them on other household items, too.


Increase room humidity


Increasing the humidity in your room can greatly reduce the static charges of your beanbag. You can do this by adding a humidifier to your house. Or, you can place water near your heat source, such as your stove. Then, your heat source will naturally make the water evaporate—adding humidity to your house.


Ionic air purifier


While ionic air purifiers are made to clean the air, they can also reduce the static charge around your house. Place your ionic air purifier near your beanbag and see how it reduces its attraction to dust and dander.







Houseplants are natural air purifiers as they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. This means that they can reduce static charges, too. Not to mention they can also add aesthetic design to your room!


The best houseplants for air purification are English Ivy, Snake Plant, and even Aloe Vera.


Getting rid of the static of your beanbag is easy, following these small tips will help you gain even greater comfort out of your beanbags.