Is it safe to sleep on a bean bag?

There is no question that bean bags are comfortable. So much so that most people who sit into them tend to doze off in just a few minutes, with the zero gravity effect helping more than most drift off into a comfortable and deep sleep.

Bean bags also help relieve neck and back pain which means that if you struggle with discomfort in your back and neck, a bean bag that relieves these sources of discomfort can be the perfect place to fall asleep in calm and comfort.

However, is it really safe to sleep on a bean bag? If it’s that comfortable, could you replace your own bed with a bean bag? If you have the same questions, you’re on the right blog as we will answer these commonly asked questions!

Is sleeping on a bean bag safe?

According to most bean bag manufacturers, toddlers, pregnant women, and the elderly should refrain from sleeping in bean bags.

This is because large bean bags can, in rare circumstances, potentially increase the risks of suffocation in toddlers especially when left unsupervised, for example at night when sleeping. On the other hand, the lack of form on bean bags can cause imbalance and difficulty standing up for pregnant women and older people.

But for full-grown adults, it is perfectly safe to sleep on bean bags should you so wish.

Bean bags eliminate stress in pressure points which hard cushions and regular chairs do not remove. This is because bean bags will typically be made to automatically adjust to you, depending on your body size and sitting position, much like if it was custom-made for you!

The removal of pressure points makes you feel like you're lying on a very soft mattress. So soft it even feels like you’re floating in the air. That’s why dozing off in a bean bag is simply irresistible!

How to ensure safety when sleeping on a bean bag

Even though it’s safe, there are still some precautionary measures that you have to take if you want to replace your bed with a bean bag.

First, make sure that you buy only high-quality bean bags. They are mostly made of EPS beads. This type of bean bag has less risk of deflation and deformation, which are the common issues among bean bags.

Next, you should buy bean bags with a teardrop shape. They’re mostly the ones labeled as gaming bean bag chairs.


Gaming bean bag chairs mostly mimic the form of the body while lying on the floor. They have a slender elevated top that grows wider at the base, unlike round and oval bean bags that have the same dimension throughout.

This teardrop shape reduces the risk of suffocation. This is because you wouldn’t have an extra space beside your head, just a slender top enough to support your head and your neck. 

These bean bags also have a hollow area at the base where you’re supposed to sit. It’s perfectly placed in the center, so you don’t have to worry about imbalance.

If you love pillows, you don’t have to worry about dropping them for bean bags. This is because some bean bags come with body pillows to further increase their comfort level.

Aside from the additional neck and back support these body pillows give, they will also feel like you’re being cuddled!


Lastly, it’s best to have a bean bag fabric cover if you’re planning on sleeping on them. This is because regular bean bags may feel a little too warm when used for a long time. An extra layer of fabric gives better heat regulation. It also repels dust, danders, and other dirt to maintain the excellent quality of your bean bag too.