The benefits of sitting on a beanbag

beanbags are some of the best decorative furniture you can add to your home. Not only are they colorful, but they also add a very modern look to any room they grace. However, aside from their increasing aesthetic appeal, did you know that there are lots of benefits to sitting on a beanbag? Some of which include solving physical and mental health problems.

From beanbags for console gamers to beanbags for family and friends to just lounge about on, there are so many uses to and benefits of beanbags around the home.

How does a beanbag support the body?

beanbags are semi-filled with hard plastic close to styrofoams known as EPS beads. Unlike regular foams, EPS beads don't have to have a fixed shape. Instead, they automatically adjust to your body size, weight, and sitting position and mould to your preferred positions as you sit in them.. 


beanbags automatically adjust to the needs of your body when sitting. This allows them to give you maximum comfort; enough to relieve pressure points in sitting that trigger most physical and mental ailments.

What are the benefits of sitting on a beanbag?

The first benefit of sitting on a beanbag is that it eases back pain. Most chairs have hard cushions and frames, which will make your body feel swollen and a lot more rigid when seated for a long time, for example when gaming or watching movies. This is not the case with a beanbag, as the EPS beads are smooth enough to make you feel like you’re floating in the air.


Source: beanbags R Us

Secondly, sitting on a beanbag reduces headaches. Contrary to popular belief, headaches can be caused by consistent bad posture and ‘craning’ of the neck. When sitting uncomfortably, you develop tension points on your upper back, shoulders, and neck, which leads to headaches. 

This can be reduced when you regularly sit on beanbags. They provide proper lumbar and neck support when sitting or lying down to ensure you’re in your best posture. You can even increase this body support since some beanbags come with body pillows.

The third but probably the most important, beanbags reduces anxiety. Getting into a good sitting position helps you breathe properly, which is the best solution for most mental health problems such as anxiety and panic attacks.



It’s not surprising why psychiatric wards and pediatric clinics mostly use beanbags. The maximum comfort beanbags can calm everyone down, including children with special needs.

Lastly, beanbags are also used to treat muscle and joint pains such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma injuries.

People who suffer from muscle and joint pain are required to avoid any object or activity that might worsen the inflammation of their joints. This includes sitting in hard cushions as it increases pressure points in the body.

beanbags relieve sitting pressure points by 80% as it automatically adjusts to your sitting position. This way, your body doesn’t need to exert pressure just to get the lumbar support it needs. 

So, whether you’re treating your muscle and joint pains or would like to avoid them— switching to beanbags might be the best option.

What do you think of the benefits of sitting on a beanbag? If you’re still indecisive, you can try one for yourself. It’s so hard to pass on an item that can be both pleasing to the eye and the body!