Types of Bean Bags Explained

Bean bags are generally more comfortable than other chairs. However, just like any furniture, its maximum comfort depends on its proper use. Although there is not necessarily a ‘perfect bean bag,’ there are many different types, all of which will fulfil different needs and purposes.
Simply put, in order to enjoy the maximum comfort of your bean bags, you have to select the right type of bean bag. This will depend on where you’re going to use it, your body shape and size, and the level of body support that you need. 
How are bean bags different from each other?
You can differentiate bean bags based on various factors. 
In terms of filling, there are bean bags made of polystyrene beads, shredded foam, and expanded polypropylene, also known as EPS. Among the three, the EPS ones are considered the most durable and comfortable.
They can also be divided based on the cover fabrics. There are cotton, plush, suede, velvet, vinyl, and even leather. All of these, except for the leather, can be used for a long period without discomfort. 
The shape and use of bean bags are the two major factors that determine their comfort level. This is why they’re also the main types of bean bags: the round, the square, the gaming, elongated, and the novelty.
What are the main types of bean bags?
The round type of bean bag is the most common type of bean bag. It's designed with a shape of a ball that has a hollow center where you're supposed to sit. In most cases, this hollow gets deeper when used regularly.
When you sit on a round bean bag, the elevated sides can give good lumbar and arm support.
The next kind of bean bag is square bean bags. It mimics the shape of a real chair as it comes with both backrest and armrests. If you’re still not comfortable with a bean bag, the square type of bean bag could be your best option.
The only downside with a square bean bag is that it’s the least flexible and adjustable among all the types. Because it’s meant to retain its chair-like shape, it cannot fully adjust to your body shape, size, and sitting position compared to other bean bags.
According to most users, the third type of bean bag is the best kind of bean bag. These coveted seating options are the gaming bean bag.
A gaming bean bag chair will typically be the shape of a teardrop, in which it gets wider from the top to the edge. But, just like the round bean bag, it also has a hollow center where you're supposed to sit. 
The reason why it’s considered to be the best bean bag is that it mimics your body shape and posture when sitting. It has a sleek top for your head and back and a full-size base for your bottom and legs.
This shape allows for full-body support despite long hours of use!
The next one is the elongated bean bag, the biggest one of the bunch. Because of its oval shape and longer hollow, it can mimic the form of a sofa. So, if you're a big guy or if you think you won't be using your bean bag alone, this is the best choice for you. Many people will use elongated bean bags as a more sociable option of bean bag to others, as these can seat multiple people in one go.
Lastly is the novelty bean bag, which is mostly used for kids. They come in various shapes and sizes- be it your favorite emoji, animal head, or your favorite ball. 
Most novelty chairs are close to the shape of the round type and square type. They provide the same level of comfort, too.

So, already decided on which type of bean bag to get? Just remember that no matter what type you get, using it properly is still a must to maintain its best quality.