What Should You Do With Old Beanbags?

Most people believe that beanbags are not environmentally friendly because they are not disposable. The truth is when it comes to being eco-friendly, beanbags are actually a lot better than most home furniture.


You don’t really have to dispose of beanbags. They’re not just home sofas that you can no longer use if you decide to renovate your house. There are lots of ways to reuse them!


Are beanbags disposable?


If your beanbag is becoming old and dirty then be aware that most beanbags will take a while to decompose. It is better to reuse the fabric and beads than dispose of it altogether.


Among all kinds of beanbag fillers, EPS beads are the most environmentally friendly.



Source: Steemit


This is because EPS beads are generally made of 98% air and 2% polystyrene. This gives them a better percentage of decomposition compared to other kinds of beanbag fillers.


However, truth be told, EPS beads will also take a long time to decompose. This is why it’s best to find ways to reuse them.


What can you do with old beanbags?


From the fabric to the fillers, you can reuse all parts of your beanbag. In most cases, they will even save you a few bucks!


In case you just want to get rid of your old beanbag but would still be using a new one, you shouldn’t dispose of the old one just yet!



Refill and cover for other beanbags


Remove the filling from the cover. Then use the fabric as a protective cover for your new beanbag. This will extend your beanbags lifespan.


On the other hand, keep the fillers in a clean and dry compartment. Then, should your new beanbag lose its fluffiness, you can simply refill it with your old fillers.


This tip can help save you up to $300!


Sofa Cover


The fabric of your beanbag can be a good sofa cover—especially if they’re made of leather and vinyl. Instead of buying a new upholstery cover, just remove the fillers and sew your beanbag fabric to fit your furniture.


A large beanbag can be a good upholstery cover for your chair and even a small sofa. It can save you up to $50!


Gardening Filler


Once you removed the fillers to use the cover, you can use the EPS beads for your indoor gardening.


EPS beads are excellent gardening fillers. A handful of EPS beads placed at the bottom of your gardening pot can help the soil hold and absorb the water it needs.


It can keep the soil moisturized for longer. Thus, reducing the need for watering every day!


This technique can save you up to $80 every month on your water bill!


Use it for Artwork


Turn your beanbags into pieces of art!


The EPS beads can be used for sensory toys for children. Just secure them properly on a piece of plastic or fabric and let your kids play with them for good tactile training.


Aside from this, they can be a great accent for your paintings, sculpture, and even for resin art. The sky's the limit when it comes to art!


Using parts of a beanbag for art can help you save and earn up to $500!


So, don’t get rid of those old beanbags just yet! Why dispose of them if you can save the environment while saving money at the same time!