Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive?

Photo Credit: Nappy (Pexels)

In recent years, bean bags have become an increasingly popular item when it comes to home decor. While there are a wide variety of bean bag designs on the market, one common denominator that accounts for the soft furnishing item’s popularity is that they are associated with comfort and help create a laid-back atmosphere in any room they grace. 

Once you start shopping for bean bags, you’ll notice that prices range from super cheap to potentially ridiculously expensive. If you find yourself set on a pricier bean bag, you’ll find there is actually a pretty good reason for the price point. As the old adage goes: ‘you get what you pay for’ and as such, cheaper bean bags often turn out to be low-quality products that won’t stand the test of time, unlike more expensive versions. 

So, if you find yourself wondering why a bean bag is so expensive. Here are some of the most common factors that’ll account for the high price point:

Bean Bag Fabric

One of the foremost factors that determine the price of ban bags is the type of fabric. Just like in fashion, some fabrics are superior to others. But being expensive doesn’t mean fabric is right for a bean bag. You need something that is durable that can withstand the wear and tear that occurs when having to support the pressure of a person’s body weight.

Bean Bag Filling

In the past, when you purchased a bean bag at a high-street shop it would come filled with beads. Now, with the growth of online sales, you’ll have more options in terms of buying an unfilled bean bag and choosing the filing. If you choose a bag filled with inexpensive polystyrene beads that have been recycled tend not to last very long and will result in the bean bag losing its shape. 

Opting for a bean bag filled with US-made EPS beads like those found inside the Luxi console gaming chair are far more durable, adding more bounce and helping increase the lifespan of your product. 

Thoughtful Design Features That Increase Convenience

The higher-end bean bags tend to have a more thoughtful design which makes the product more convenient to use. 

For example, removable outer covers make it easier to keep your bean bag clean. Likewise, zips that are covered by a fabric flap ensure your floor won’t be scratched when the bean bag is moved around. While it may seem like these are minor features, they make a huge difference in terms of usability.


Bean bags are no longer just an aesthetic furniture item and many models have been designed to serve specific functions ranging from relaxing and working to PC or console gaming at home or in the office. 

For example, a bean bag chair that has specifically been designed for gaming will have an ergonomic design to account for the gamer spending long periods of time sitting on it. It will therefore possess that additional level of support for their back, neck and arms. If you plan on spending long periods of time sitting on your bean bag, then it is worth investing in one that has features that alleviate pressure on the body.  

Limited Edition Bean Bag Designs

Then there are some bean bags that are expensive because they are sought-after designer products with a limited run. When items are mass-produced they tend to be cheaper but limited edition designs are higher because there are fewer created which adds a sense of exclusivity for the owner. 

In short, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the price of a bean bag. While there are plenty of cheap options on offer, if you are looking for a bean bag that is durable, stylish, functional, and ergonomically designed to support your body weight, then expect to pay a little more for a quality product. Think of it as a long-term investment in your comfort, health and posture!